A True Wealth Moment

Have you ever had a moment when it seems like time stops for a second and you say to yourself, “wow…this is awesome”, or you have a wave of happiness and the feeling of being very grateful for life? I define these times as True Wealth moments.

I attended a conference two weeks ago and one of my key take-a-ways was an action called a “Freeze Moment”. A freeze moment is when you take a short sixty second pause out of your day to breathe slowly, think about the things you are grateful for and give yourself a few moments to calm down and just be present.

I believe a “Freeze Moment” is interchangeable with a “True Wealth Moment”.

This past weekend we had our annual fall lodge event at Ron Carson’s retreat. Many of our internal stakeholders and their families came to enjoy the day. We went pheasant hunting, practiced shooting, fished, ate lunch and made s’mores. I was in charge of setting up a fish fry for lunch and was working the majority of the morning getting the fish clean, prepping the deep fryer and making sure supplies were ready. I was worried that the attendees wouldn’t like it and all of my time spent catching the fish and preparing the meal would go to waste. At that time, I really felt stressed and found myself wishing I was able to partake in the activities everyone else was enjoying.

A few hours later, I had finished the fry and was ready to serve nearly ten pounds of filets on a large baking pan. As the smell spread, everyone started migrating to the tray and it eventually turned into a swarm of people! I watched from a distance and had a “Freeze Moment”. I looked out across the yard and the nearby pond and saw everyone enjoying the meal, conversations and the day in general. Then I said to myself, “wow… this is awesome”. I thought about how grateful I was to be able to contribute to the get-together and be part of the reason for the cheerfulness of the group. I instantly felt a wave of happiness that I had let be overridden by my stress from earlier in the morning. Looking back, that “Freeze Moment” was really a “True Wealth Moment”.

I believe that all people of all ages have things they are grateful for and have many “True Wealth Moments” to experience.

I think all we have to do is “freeze” sometimes and be present.

We all know life is not easy and stress is inevitable, but I think we all can be happier and have True Wealth when we don’t let the ordinary minutia of our days overcome us.

Do you have any True Wealth moments to share? Continue the conversation by using #TrueWealth and tagging @CarsonWealth on Twitter.


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